A-Level MathsOCR A H240

This is the current OCR syllabus for A-Level Maths, with first exams sat in June 2018. The available past papers can be found below. As this is a relatively new syllabus, unfortunately there are not many past papers to practise with.

You can also use past papers from the old syllabus to practice with, but be aware that some topics have been removed in the new syllabus, therefore some questions might not be relevant.

Current syllabuses
Old syllabuses

Past papers

Year Paper 1 Paper 2 Paper 3
Jun 2018
Specimen 1

Exam dates

Paper 1 (H240/01)
Pure Mathematics

Wednesday 7th October 2020, PM

Paper 2 (H240/02)
Pure Mathematics and Statistics

Wednesday 14th October 2020, PM

Paper 3 (H240/03)
Pure Mathematics and Mechanics

Monday 19th October 2020, PM

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