Online group tuition

MT Academy offers a unique online group tuition system, where students can see a timetable of upcoming sessions for specific topics. Unlike other tuition courses, students can choose to book only the sessions covering the topics they need more practice on. There are different types of sessions targeted at students of different abilities. Some sessions assume no prior knowledge, and will teach a topic from the beginning. Sessions held closer to exams are more targeted towards revision and will be focused on exam question technique.

Online booking system

Our online booking system is very easy to use. Upcoming sessions are listed on our timetable. You need to have available hours in order to make a booking - hours can be topped up here. We are extremely flexible - you can book an upcoming session up to one hour before it starts. If you can no longer make a booked session, you can cancel up to 24 hours before the session starts, to allow other students the opportunity to book. All sessions are recorded, so even if you miss your session, you can still catch up afterwards.

Struture of a typical lesson

Introduction to the topic

Lessons begin with an overview of the topic which will be covered, as well as any presumed knowledge from previously studied topics.

Worked examples

The tutor will teach the topic by going through worked examples. Students are encouraged to make notes on key points, such as formulae they must remember for the exam.

Your turn!

The tutor will set a few questions for the students to answer, checking to see whether they have understood and can apply the key points of the topic.

Exam questions

The tutor will then discuss what typical exam questions might look like, and go through a past exam question with a model solution.

Conclusion and homework

The tutor will conclude the lesson by providing a summary of the learning objectives. Optional homework will be set, and solutions will be provided for students to check their answers. Students are encouraged to do this extra work to reinforce their understanding of the topic.

Extra support

Students will get access to exclusive channels on our Discord server, where they can ask questions that they may not have had the chance to ask during the lesson.